Tips and Advice

Check the air in your tires every 2 weeks. Properly inflated tires handle better, last longer and help you achieve better fuel mileage.

Don't drive on "E". Running your vehicle too low on gas can cause damage to your vehicles fuel pump.

Check your lights. Have you ever been behind that car with only one brake light working, or even worse, none? That could be you. Some cars have a system to alert motorists of faulty bulbs but not all do.

Inspect your wiper blades. Hard dry and cracked wiper blades do not work well. In our hot sunny summer environment wiper blades can quickly be deteriorated. Don't get caught in that summer rain storm without being able to see.

Coolant is critical. Even a small coolant leak can cause you to go low on engine coolant in a short amount of time without you even knowing it. Cooling system failures make up most of the cases of stranded automobiles on the highway. An expensive engine can be quickly ruined by overheating. Make sure your coolant is full before your next road trip.


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