Maintenance & Tune Ups

Timely oil changes are vital for protecting your engine, but oil changes alone are a small part of your vehicles service needs. We can evaluate your car by mileage, inspection and prior service records to tell you if you are due for any service needs.

  • Oil Changes - We carry quality Valvoline oil and filters. We carry more oil filters for European vehicles than any independent shop in Beaufort.

  • Air filters - Proper air flow is necessary for optimum performance. A dirty air filter can reduce performance, fuel economy, and decrease the longevity of your engine.

  • Fuel filters - As with air filters, fuel filters are instrumental in performance, and fuel economy.

  • Cabin Filters - Many vehicles are being manufactured with a cabin filter. This filter is just like the HVAC filter in your house, it filters dirt, pollen, and other contaminants out of the air before it flows into the ac/heater system. We see many filter that are moldy, clogged and sometimes wet. This affects the performance of your vehicles climate control system, and can often time lead to bad odors inside your vehicle.

  • Transmission fluid - Many new vehicles do not have a traditional dipstick for checking the level and condition of the transmission fluid. We have the capability to check the fluid in these transmissions and replace the fluid when necessary, with the proper fluid recommended by your manufacturers specification.

  • Engine Coolant - Antifreeze has numerous purposes inside of your engine. Stopping overheating is only one of its functions. It keeps the coolant from freezing in the winter, causing engine damage; lubricates the water pump, preventing premature failure; and stops corrosion inside of your engine. We can tell you when it is time to replace your engine coolant, and perform the service with the proper coolant by your vehicle manufacturers recommendation.

  • Brake fluid - Manufacturers recommend changing the brake fluid in your car every two years. Brake fluid attracts moisture, and is subjected to extreme temperatures. Without proper brake fluid changes, your vehicle is potentially subject to premature brake system failures.


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